Drill Rod

Vinayak Engineering Company manufacturer conventional W series Drill Rods as per DCDMA / BRITISH standards. All Drill Rods are box threaded at both the ends and are joined by a male coupling.

By using best quality of steel combined with CNC threading with proper tooling, UEW ensures 100% interchangeability and high accuracy.

UEW also manufacture left hand drill rods for fishing.

Drill rods are available in standard length of 3mtrs & 1.5mtrs long. Shorter length like 1.0mtrs, 0.75mtrs, 0.50mtrs etc are also manufactured on customer request.

UEW manufacture the following DCDMA drill rods:

  • EW Drill Rod
  • AW Drill Rod
  • BW Drill Rod
  • NW Drill Rod
  • HW Drill Rod
  • 50mm Drill Rod

UEW also manufacture Swedish series : 50mm drill rods and 42mm drill rods on request

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